Arrived at Calgary airport safe and sound. The Westjet attendants were as friendly as I remember from years and years ago and made the safety speech as entertaining as possible.

I’m clearly an airport newbie though as in Victoria I didn’t remove my shoes or belt and set off the metal detector and security had to break out their wand.

Then when I arrived I wasn’t sure if my luggage just automatically gets transferred to the new flight or if I had to go get it and check in again. You would think that would be a very obviously solvable situation as it is clearly absurd that I would have to pick up my luggage and check in again. Being as overly cautious as I am though I did that anyway and made myself look a fool to the Westjet check in attendants as they told me to just use the kiosk to print off a boarding pass and go back through security.

Much less painful this time as I removed my belt and shoes and didn’t even set off the metal detector.

Ah well, one of many mistakes I will surely make along this journey!

My next report will probably be from RCMP Depot once I get a little settled in. If I have time.

Almost on my way!

So I’m sitting on the train headed down to Victoria thinking about how around this time tomorrow I’ll probably just be getting to RCMP Depot in Regina and starting to unpack some of my things.

It struck me a but odd that I am feeling very nonchalant about the whole thing right now. A week ago I was feeling quite nervous and even a little scared at times, but now it’s almost just…nothing.

Well, I do feel excited to go and everything but I don’t have any of my usual feelings of nervousness or anxiety when something major is happening. That feeling of butterflies just isn’t there.

If anything, I’m more concerned about running outside in freezing temperatures than anything else to do with training!

It all seems quite odd.

I’ll probably be making more blog posts over the next while because a lot will be going on. I didn’t have any for quite a while there because my life was actually quite boring! I should probably ask my superiors what I am or am not allowed to talk about while at Depot to ensure I don’t get dismissed for something I said.

I won’t have my own computer while at training so my posts will be coming from my phone as this one is, probably in the later evenings as well. So if you’re interested in reading about what RCMP training is like then keep an eye out for my posts!

Harry Potter tonight, anyone?

Hell yeah! KILLED the exam with a time if 3:35 last time was 3:51 min time required is 4:45. Going to depot for sure now on the 25th!

Fitness exam tomorrow at 9am. Wish me luck! It’s really important!

Fuck yea! Got my yaris with shitty tires un-stuck from the snow at mt washington by myself with nothing but my hands and a snowboard.

On that note, there are a whole bunch of books about the Harry Potter books, but the Harry Potter books themselves are not available on Kindle. What the F? Useless!

Thinking about getting one of those cheaper Kindles to read books while I’m at training. Thoughts? Anyone have one?

Ok internet, she is there and I’m not going home without an answer. I will feel better no matter the answer!

I wish my life was more like a cats. Sleeping 20 hours a day would be awesome.

Couldn’t bring myself to ask her out. Using the fact that Im leaving soon as an excuse. I went, I saw her, I thought, I left; dfeatd by fear. How does one solve a problem such as this? I guess the answer is “grow a pair” huh?

while watching into the wild I was all like “i could totally go live in the forest” but then he died and I was all like “maybe that’s not a good idea” then did some pushups before bed.

My life its exciting, are you jealous?